Saturday, July 5, 2008

Independence Day .. what it meant to me

Our day started off slowly. Very slowly. I had to coax *some* people to wake up and get started.


Need I say more?

After all, the goal here was to get up, get our agenda underway so they could return to the house and do such nonsense as light these:

Now, for me ... lighting fireworks does nothing except scare the pants off of me. I've had too many close calls growing up to know how dangerous these can be. However, the grown man in my house decided otherwise and we, along with millions of others, paid good money to light and blow up several things.

The first objective of the day was to go visit our oldest son, Kyle. He is leaving to spend a month in Panama on a mission's trip.

After being made to get up earlier than he had planned, a certain passenger didn't start out the trip too happy.


However, once we arrived, everyone was in a happy mood and participated in photos willingly. Note that normally, I am the last one to have my picture taken. However, since this was a "going away" event, I decided I would want to have a memory of myself with my son.



We then headed to Chili's to get everyone's tummies full before seeing him off for the day. Afterwards, we headed back home and chilled until our next stop ... a local park for the fireworks show.

Imagine our surprise to get there, unload our chairs and blankets only to find out that the show was scheduled for the next night! What's up with THAT? So, off to plan B. This is the part where we joined everyone else and bought a bunch of explosives. ::sigh:: Our night ended with all of us going home and directly to bed.

I'll continue this adventure tomorrow.


The Other Clarks... said...

Love the blog! Where did you get the borders for your photos? Too cute! I cannot beleive how grown up Kyle is now, and heading off to Panama...good for him!

Lori said...

Stacey your blog is great!! Much better than mine.


Anonymous said...

Love the blog! Are those the new quilts you made for the boys? You must be very proud of Kyle!