Sunday, August 31, 2008

Blogging without Backup

My posts seem to get fewer and farther between. I have a good explanation ... I really do! I think there is an unwritten law that says all blog posts must be accompanied by photos. That's been my problem lately ... even though my camera goes where I do, I'm finding it harder to take the pics of our activites.

The biggest change in my life this past month is I now have a J-O-B. I feel very fortunuate to say that I love my job and wouldn't trade it for anything. Since I haven't worked for 11 years now, I really thought it would be difficult going back but it wasn't. To begin with, I'm working at the school my boys attend .. Kaufman Christian School. I'm the Administrative Assistant there so we go to school together. My days haven't been dull so far so time is flying by quickly.

I attended the Women of Faith conference last weekend which was amazing! I always walk away with a new perspective on life and a heart full of blessings.

Yesterday, Brad, the boys and I went to Hawaiian Falls for the last time this season. I think we managed to get our money's worth from our season passes since over the summer, we visited at least once/week.

So, as you can tell .. my life has been anything but boring. I do have lots to document. I just wish I would remember to take pics as it happens.

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