Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lots of changes for '09

Not only am I focused on getting my spiritual life where it needs, I'm making other changes this year that should improve other areas of my life.

Brad and I attended a preview of Dave Ramsey's program. It's our desire to get out of debt, pay off our house and start living without dragging that financial burden around anymore. We will start the classes on January 22nd (happy birthday to me!) and continue for 13 weeks. I'm hoping it's something that we can also share with our children so that they can learn from his wisdom as well.

Yesterday, while browsing Dave's website, I discovered something that caught my eye ... E-Mealz.com. Hmmm, they say for $1.25/week, they will provide my meal plans and shopping list from the store of my choice. Sounds pretty good to me! I signed up and am looking forward to getting my first list (this Thursday). If the meals are anything like the sample menu they have posted on their site, then I know we will all love this. If you happen to check them out and decide to sign up, I would appreciate the referral .... not sure if you need to tell them Stacey Patterson or Spatter sent you.

I already thought that 2009 was going to be a better year .... with all these new changes, I now KNOW it will be!! Hope you are discovering new things this year to brighten your life as well.

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